Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Pearl Dress

Hello everybody,

recently Sarah Vickers from Classy Girls Wear Pearls posted a picture of herself in a wonderful dress on her Instagram account. As I fell in love immediately with the pearl-bow-on-dress idea I decided to make something like this myself. As it turned out it was a little more work than I had recently expected (it took me a whole afternoon and quite a lot of cursing) but now that it is done I am really, really happy with the result! Now I'm in love with my own pearl-bow-dress... :)

What you'll need
  • a dress or shirt in the colour of your choice (I chose a dark-blue dress)
  • a long pearl necklace
  • needle and white thread
  • transparent nail polish
How it works

Lay your necklace along the collar of your dress to measure the needed length for this piece. Then cut your necklace according to this length plus about the lenght of five or  six pearls. Remove these extrapearls and fixate your new string of pearls by making a double knot on every side.

Create a new short necklace (I counted 56 pearls) by knotting the ends of another string of pearls together. Out of this necklace form the upper part of the bow. A third string of pearls will serve as bottom part of the bow. 

Before you sew the pearls onto your dress fixate the knots with a little bit of transparent nail polish and cut off the loose ends.

Handstitch the strings of pearls onto the dress by sewing between the pearls. For the bow it's enough to fix the upper row of the pearl necklace (about 20 pearls) as well as the pearls in the middle of the row below. I didn't fixate all the pearls of the "open triangle" underneath either but only the first four or five pearls on every side.

Enjoy your dress!

All images by Stefanie Reichl

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