Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

Shanti, Shanti - Get ready for yoga!

Hi folks,

yesterday i went to a new yoga class for the first time since a long break.
There are many different types of Yoga and my personal favorite is called Vinyasa-Style Yoga or Yoga Flow. This is where breath is linked to movement. Each posture is connected through an inhale or exhale.

Are you a beginner yogi? Before you go to your first yoga class, make sure you are prepared with all of the essentials. I’ve listed some of my favorite products that I use and love.

1. Roxy cotton T-shirt | 2. even&odd cozy jumper | 3. Karmasupply kork brick
4. yoga belt | 5. Karmasupply yoga mat | 6. naketano training pants with a comfortable fi

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