Freitag, 13. September 2013

Vintage heaven: Vintage Salon Vienna

For all lovers of vintage stuff, Vienna offers the greatest event this weekend. For the second time Fräulein Kleidsam organised the lovely Vintage Salon Vienna, where you can find almost everything (clothes, hats, music, furniture...) as long as it's older than 20 years or at least appears to be. Labels like Lena Hoschek, Wellenkind or Vintagerie offer their products in a charming atmosphere (this year at Palais Eschenbach) and if you are a friend of swing music you can dance to bands like "Tanz, Baby", "Kiss me, yesterday" or "die Herr'n von der Tankstelle" as well as to the DJ sets of DJane Swingin Swanee in the evenings.

I've already been there today and took some pictures for you! :)

 hats: Wellenkind

 furniture: Catrinette

 records: vintage vinyl vienna 
glasses: Punti di Vista 

 clothes and accessories: Vintage in Vienna

And of course I couldn't resist to buy some things for myself... :)

Soundtrack while I'm writing this post: Frank Sinatra (currently "A Fine Romance")

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