Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Let's dance a little

Hello everybody,

recently I found this great sweater on Pinterest. I totally fell in love with this "vertical letters on top"-idea that I wanted to do something like that on my own. Therefore I decided to do an DANCE! top that I could wear in my weekly dance class and/or in dance-intensive nights... ;)

What you'll need:
  • computer, paper and printer
  • plastic foil
  • cutter & small scissors
  • white T-shirt (I chose a men's T-shirt)
  • textile colour
  • paintbrush

How it works:

First you'll have to decide on a lettering for your top and a nice font. I used "Populaire" (that's the same font we also use for our blog-headlines), size 800pt. That was basically one letter per page. Afterwards print out your lettering and fix the paper pages with the plastic foil. I used old clear film as plastic foil and paper clips to fix the pages.
Now make a small cut with your cutter along your letter and cut it out with your small scissors so you get a plastic stencil from the letter.

Do this with all of your letters.

Take your T-shirt and put some cardboard into it. This will prevent the colour from seeping through to the backside of your T-shirt. Arrange the letters on the shirt and start to paint in your stencils. I always coloured the edges of the letter first and then the inside.

 When your are done with colouring it should look something like this. :)

Let your letters dry and iron the T-shirt to fixate the colour. Don't iron the letters directly but put a towel or something similar between the T-shirt and your iron! Now you should be able to wash the T-shirt without problems and loss of colour (wash inside out at 30 degrees).


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