Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Red Pearls

Hey folks,

I think every girl shoul have a string of pearls but they don't necessarily have to be white... ;)
Therefore today I will show you how to make this great necklace with red pearls and tulle.

What you'll need:
  • 30 red plastic or wooden pearls
  • tulle
  • scissors
  • needle and pins
  • sewing thread
  • sewing machine
How it works:

Start by cutting out a 150 cm long and 6 cm wide stripe of tull.

Fold the stripe in half and pin it so that you get a 23 mm broad tube. Now sew the tube with your sewing machine. (I also tacked it before, but that's not absolutely necessary.)

After sewing the tube together cut the seam allowance as short as possible (approximatelx 3mm).

Now you have to turn the inside out. The easiest way is to fix a safety pin at one end of the tube and to lead it through the tube on the other side.

Afterwards make a knot into your tube (about 15 cm away from one end) and put a pearl into it. After the pearl make a new knot, put a new pearl into the tube and so on...

After the last pearl there should be again about 15 to 20 cm left until the end of the tube. Make a bow with the two loose ends. Done! :)


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