Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

Christmassy Green And Gold Table Runner

 Hi Folks,

this year is the first year that my boyfriend and I don't spend Christmas Eve with our families but actually host them (at least some of them ;) ). I am pretty excited about that and of course I want to make them feel as cosy as possible. This includes a festive table in my opinion, therefore I decided to make a Christmassy table runner for a start. In case you need one too, this is how it goes... :)

What you'll need   
  • green fabric (50cm x ca. 150cm)
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • gold textile colour
  • a piece of thin cardboard
How it works

Before I started to colour the table clothes I made a double hem on all sides. To do so, I folded in one cm on one side and immediately afterwards another cm so that the frayed edges of the fabric cannot be seen anymore and cannot fray any further. Then I fixed it with pins and repeated the whole procedure with the other three sides of the fabric.

Before I sewed the hem with the sewing machine I also tacked it.

Now the basic table runner is ready and you can start with the fun colouring part. :) For this reason I made a Christmas tree stencil with the help of a cookie cutter and a small piece of cardbord.

Then I put the stencil onto my fabric and painted it in with gold textile colour. Be careful not to use too much colour, otherwise the colour may get under your stencil and the Christmas tree may lose its form. Don't forget to put some paper or plastic under you table runner to prevent the colour from seeping through onto your table.

When the table runner is full with Christmas trees let it dry. To fix the colour you should iron it from the backside at a high temperature. Afterwards it should also be possible to wash it in the washing machine without any loss of colour. Done! :)

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