Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Cats and Dogs

Hello everybody,

you may have already recognized my love for cats when I shared this post. As you can see below I added another cat-like piece to my wardrobe. :) In addition I started a little romance with dogs recently. I like them especially when they are on my clothes and even more when they are pugs. :D When I look at these leggings I always have to think about Frank the Pug from the movie "Men in Black" (Aaah, childhood memories!). Do you remember that funny pug? I certainly do and seeing one of his kind on my legs amuses me every time... ;)  

Top: vintage (got it at a clothes swapping party) | leggings: H&M
coat: velibor | sneakers: New Yorker | hat: H&M

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


PS: If you are searching for a good read right now I can definitely recommend the works by Louis Begley. I've just finished "Wartime Lies", which was absolutely beautiful and currently I am reading "About Schmidt", which started very promising as well! :)

All Images by David Auer

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