Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Glutenfree Almond Pistachio Cake

Hello you lovely people,

I hope you had a great weekend!
I certainly did and spent a lovely Sunday with my girlfriends. We made a clothes swapping party at my place where everybody brought along clothes which she didn't want anymore but might be interesting for somebody else. I love clothes swapping parties and can totally recommend them! It's the best way to get yourself new clothes FOR FREE, clean up your closet, have a lovely day with the ladies PLUS it's sustainable and good for the environment. To make the day perfect, of course their had to be cake too, which is why Karin (you already know her from this post) came over a little earlier and helped me make a delicious almond pistachio cake. I found the recipe originally on cook REPUBLIC and we remade it with a few small alterations.

What you'll need
  • 280g almonds
  • 200g pistachios (non-salted!)
  • 100g brown sugar (the original recipe said 170g but I like my cakes a little less sweet)
  • 1 tsp. coffee spice (it's a spice blend from Sonnentor including cardamom, cinnamon etc.)
  • 1 tbsp. lemon zest
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 egg whites
  • pinch of salt
  • an electric blender 

How it works

Put the almonds in hot water for about 30 minutes and let them drain. Place the almonds, the pistachios (put 20g aside for the decoration of the cake), the coffee spice and the sugar in small portions in the electric blender and blend until the mixture has the consistency of bread crums.

Pour the mixture in a bowl. Stir in the 2 eggs and the lemon zest and carefully fold in the beaten egg whites.

Spread the mixture in a lined springform cake pan and bake the cake for about one hour in the pre-heated oven (160°C). Before you serve the cake sprinkle it with powdered sugar and the remaining pistachios.


Have a great evening!

All images by Stefanie Reichl

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  1. Dieses Rezept und der Kuchen sind echt der Wahnsinn. Danke für den Upload.

    Lieben Gruß,



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