Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

O(rigami) Christmas Tree!

Hello folks,

do you remember the newspaper Christmas tree balls I made last year? Well, as a huge paper lover I  decided to go with paper ornaments again this year. However, instead of cutting and stapling I chose folding this time. Yes, you guess right, we are talking origami ornaments for this Christmas. Among other things I folded classic Christmas tree ornaments and Santa boots and sticked to the classic Christmas colors red, white and green.

What you'll need
  • origami paper (15x15 cm) in shades of red, white and green
  • thin gift ribbon
  • scissors
  • hole puncher 

How it works

For the classic ornaments I chose to combine one patterned and one single-colored piece of paper for each ornament. I used this great video tutorial by Senzbazuru's origami for folding instructions.

For the Santa boots you're going to need a patterned sheet of paper with a different colour on the backside. I used this tutorium by iejhcho from this origami channel.

After folding the boot punch a hole in it. Thread a piece of gift ribbon through the hole and make a knot.

Done! For decoration a whole Christmas tree I think you'll need about 40 origami ornaments if you use other Christmas tree decorations as well. I folded 20 so far, so there is still some work for me to do... ;)

If you don't have enough time to fold as many ornaments you could just make a few of them and hang them in your windows. I think that would make for a lovely Christmas decoration as well!

Have a great weekend,

All photographies by Stefanie Reichl

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