Hey folks,

Tulip and Lily is a personal lifestyle blog based in Vienna, Austria. It was founded by me, Steffi and a good friend of mine, Katja in September 2013. We both live in Austria and met at the theatre where we used to work in the communications department. After some time we found out that we do not only share our love for art and culture but also for creative, crafty, tasty and stylish blogs. Therefore we decided to start our own... and the result can be seen here!! :)

As we wished, that this blog could be read from all over the world, it was decided from the beginning, to write the posts in English, although it's neither Katja's nor my mother tongue. So in case, you find some grammar or spelling mistakes, please don't jugde too hard! :)

In summer 2014, Katja decided to stop writing for Tulip & Lily, but still contributes sometimes by taking pictures.

Have fun reading!

All the best,


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Email: tulipandlily@gmx.at

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