Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

DIY Headband With Satin Ribbon

Hello everybody,

remember the headband I wore in the pictures of last Sunday's post? Today I wanna show you how I made this little cutie... ;)

What you'll need
  • black headband
  • ca. 1m of black satin ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
How it works

Fold over one end of you ribbon into a loop. Then fold a loop in the same size starting from the other side and fold in four more loops until you get a nice bow. Fix the bow with a pin.

Now fix the middle of your bow with a few stitches by hand and cut off the remaining ribbon. Afterwards take a small piece of this remaining black ribbon, wrap it around your bow's middle and fix it on the downside of the ribbon with a few stitches. In the meantime you can also warm up the hot glue gun.

Finally put a drop of hot glue on the wished spot of your headband and press the bow onto it. Done! :)

All photos by Stefanie Reichl (apart from the last one: by David Auer).

Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Baby, it's cold outside

Hey out there,

yesterday we had our first (very little) snowfall this year! When temperatures are getting colder it always makes me think of the song "Baby, it's cold outside". There exists a couple of versions, but my favourite one is the interpretation of Rufus Wainwright and Sharon Van Etten.

I've been listening to it on repeat lately :) And it inspired me to make a little winter-fashion collage for you in my two favourite colours (black and white .. and a pop of gold).

1. White Striped Sweater by Sheinside 2. Cat Ring by Shop Sweet Things 3. Eames rocker source
4. Embroidered vest by H&M Paris collecion (souldout) 5. Leather iPad case by Scotch & Soda
6. Tory Burch booties 7. Isabel Marant Pants for H&M (soldout)

And here is the song for you. Have a cozy rest of the week folks!


Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Yum-yum spelt muffins with banana and almonds

Hi there,

last weekend I tried a spelt muffin recipe out of the new healthy food cookbook I recently bought and I have to say they turned out deliciously. Fluffy and moist plus they were super easy to make (the whole preparation time took me about 15 minutes). So here comes the recipe!

What you'll need (for 6 normal muffins or ca. 12 small muffins)
  • 1 egg
  • 45g raw cane sugar
  • 3/4 banana
  • 50g grated almonds
  • 100g spelt flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 15g vanilla sugar
  • 40ml rape oil
  • optional: 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

How it works 

Preheat the oven to 170°C. Peel the banana and cut it into pieces.

Batter the sugar and the egg. Afterwards add all the other ingredients and blend them with a hand-mixer. 

Fill 3/4 of your baking forms with batter and bake the muffins for about 25 minutes.

Enjoy! :)

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Cosy Sunday Style

Hey folks,

I love Sundays!! Stores, administrative bodies etc. are closed in Austria.  Therefore you are almost forced to relax and have a good time. ;)
This morning my boyfriend and I had a lovely brunch with a good friend at "Das Augustin" in Vienna where they host the most delightful breakfast salon every Saturday and Sunday. The afternoon I chose to spend inside to relax on my coach with my laptop and some stuff to read... :)



 sweater: Urban Outfitters | leggins: H&M | headband: DIY


Freitag, 22. November 2013

Orient Meets Austrian Town: the delicious "Lorenz"

Hi folks,

for those of you who didn't know: Katja and I work in St. Pölten which is actually also the town where I grew up. St. Pölten is a small town with about 50.000 inhabitants. To be honest there is not too much action going on BUT there are a few very cool places (restaurants, arthouse cinema, theatres,...) that are definitely worth a visit (if you ever happen to strand in the heart of Lower Austria). One of this places is "Lorenz", a very cosy restaurant and shop where you cannot only eat deliciously but also shop for spices, chutneys, oils, chocolate and so on. Every day you can choose between one meat and one vegetarian dish, at least one soup and of course desserts. As Ingebor Tauchner, the owner of "Lorenz" spent some years in the East she often mixes oriental and Austrian dishes although you can actually get a snatch of the whole world there.

The "Lorenz" and its owner
Persian tea anyone?
I love those pink chairs!
By the way: that water in the glass is no regular water but water mixed with orange blossoms. Yummy!
When I ate there the last time I had tajine with chicken, couscous and salad. The pomegranate was delicious with the meat and the salad was dressed with plum dressing. Plus I tried kosher Prosecco for the first time.
Needless to say that it simply tasted great...

In the shop you can get wine, rice, jam, chutneys,...and even vegan chocolates.

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

DIY étagère made of old porcelain

Hi folks,

this project is so easy, I am almost ashamed to share it here. Nevertheless I still think that the small étagère I built out of old porcelain I bought at the flee market looks so sweet that I am going to do it anyway. :)

What you'll need:
  • old porcelain (in this case a dessert plate, a small plate, an even smaller plate, a tea cup & an espresso cup)
  • superglue 
How it works:

Arrange the porcelain like you want the étagère to look like in the end.  Glue the individual parts together with super glue. 

Put sweets or cookies onto it. Done!

Montag, 18. November 2013

Stew Time

Hello everybody,

I think cold temperatures and hot stew go together like the sun and the beach. Therefore I decided to cook a zucchini and sweet potato stew with chicken today. Yummy! That's the perfect recipe if you don't have a lot of time (it won't take you longer than 30 minutes) but still want to bring something warm and healthy onto the table. 

What you'll need (for 1-2 persons):
  • 200g sweet potatoe
  • 200g zucchini
  • 300g vegetable stock
  • chicken breast
  • 4 tbsp. milk (I used soy milk)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • frozen herbs (if you want)
  • horse raddish
How it works:

Cut the vegetables into cubes and boil them for about 10-15 minutes in vegetable stock. 

Add the milk, salt and pepper and cook for another 5-10 minutes at medium heat. If you want you can also add frozen herbs.

While the stew cooks cut the chicken breast into cubes and roast them until they are brown.

Mix the chicken and the stew. Add a tablespoon of horseraddish and enjoy! :)

Samstag, 16. November 2013

Can i move in here please

Hi folks,

I have spent my last weekend in Munich to visit my relatives over there. An absolutely must-do during a Munich-trip for me is to visit the interior shop of my friend Nathalie, "Alte Werkstatt". Her shop is so darling, so creative, so elegant and crazy colourful at the same time and so up my alley!

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas ;) But Nathalie has just started decorating her christmas items and there is WAY more to come... for example this adorable little dwart cookie cutter. 

It's always tea time! What a cool DIY idea?! Nathalie took an old round wall clock, spray-painted it pink and glued 12 different tea-cups with bottom plates (that she collected on her regularly fleamarket-trips) on it. I think I have to try this as well :)

So, if you live near Munich or get the chance to go there you should check out this cute little boutique! You can also find tons of inspiration on their website & blog:

Freitag, 15. November 2013

Winterly White Blossom

Hey there,

do you know that feeling when you look at some older clothes and you kind of don't like to wear them anymore so often but you don't want to give them away either because they are still perfectly fine and cosy as well? I had this feelling with one of my black winter pullovers, so I decided to pimp it up a little. As winter draws nearer and the days get colder I thought it would fit to give it a little winterly touch with this white ice flower-like appliqué.

 What you'll need:
  • white lace
  • scissors
  • needle and white thread

How it works:

Start by cutting out eight 5x19cm and four 5x15cm sized stripes of lace. 

Fold the stripes into half, loop them and fix them by hand with some small stitches.

Now you can form the flower. First arrange the larger loops and fix everything in the middle of the blossom, then the smaller loops. Pull the loops apart so that they get more volume. 

For the middle of the blossom form a small rose out of a little piece of lace and apply it in the center of the flower.

Now apply the flower with some small stitches on your sweater. Done! :)

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