Samstag, 16. November 2013

Can i move in here please

Hi folks,

I have spent my last weekend in Munich to visit my relatives over there. An absolutely must-do during a Munich-trip for me is to visit the interior shop of my friend Nathalie, "Alte Werkstatt". Her shop is so darling, so creative, so elegant and crazy colourful at the same time and so up my alley!

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas ;) But Nathalie has just started decorating her christmas items and there is WAY more to come... for example this adorable little dwart cookie cutter. 

It's always tea time! What a cool DIY idea?! Nathalie took an old round wall clock, spray-painted it pink and glued 12 different tea-cups with bottom plates (that she collected on her regularly fleamarket-trips) on it. I think I have to try this as well :)

So, if you live near Munich or get the chance to go there you should check out this cute little boutique! You can also find tons of inspiration on their website & blog:

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