Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Maritime Time

Hello everybody,

recently I was in the mood for a really maritime outfit. Blue and white stripes, anchors (even on my shoes) and a little red - everything's in there and I really like it. :) Perhaps my current (or steady) love for maritime clothes has something to do with the fact that Austria is a land-locked country with no sea far and wide and that living at the seaside has been one of my most long-lasting dreams. Besides, I have really itchy feed right now and am already so much looking forward to my vacation in South Italy some weeks from now...
However, as there is no sea wide and far (at least not near Vienna), Katja and I went to the little river near our workplace to make some nice pictures. :)

dress: cos | leggins: cut tights | shoes: startas (similar) |
bracelet: soie | earrings: kettenkreativ

All images by Katja Borlein

3 Kommentare:

  1. tolle fotos! :)
    liebe grüße

    1. Liebe Pseudo Nym! Vielen Dank für das Kompliment! :) Schönen Abend dir noch! Alles Liebe, Steffi

  2. Geile Schuhe ;) Ich habe mir auch ein Paar bei https://thicque.de bestellt :)


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