Montag, 30. September 2013

Healthy Breakfast: Sweet Millet with fruit

Hi folks,

if you are looking for a healthy and sweet breakfast alternative, I've got the right recipe for you. Sweet millet is not only extremely tasty, but also filling and healthy as it doesn't contain any sugar.

What you'll need (for one person):
  • half a cup of golden millet
  • a handful of dried dates
  • fruit of your choice (I used peaches this time, but it really works with everything and it's fun to experiment with different kind of fruit)
How it works:

First, cut the dates and the peaches into small pieces.

Then prepare the millet according to the packaging instruction (there are different kinds of millet and cooking time can vary significantly).

After about half of the cooking time add the dates and the fruit and continue boiling until the millet is soft (and all the water is gone).

Put the sweet millet into a bowl and enjoy! :)

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