Freitag, 22. November 2013

Orient Meets Austrian Town: the delicious "Lorenz"

Hi folks,

for those of you who didn't know: Katja and I work in St. Pölten which is actually also the town where I grew up. St. Pölten is a small town with about 50.000 inhabitants. To be honest there is not too much action going on BUT there are a few very cool places (restaurants, arthouse cinema, theatres,...) that are definitely worth a visit (if you ever happen to strand in the heart of Lower Austria). One of this places is "Lorenz", a very cosy restaurant and shop where you cannot only eat deliciously but also shop for spices, chutneys, oils, chocolate and so on. Every day you can choose between one meat and one vegetarian dish, at least one soup and of course desserts. As Ingebor Tauchner, the owner of "Lorenz" spent some years in the East she often mixes oriental and Austrian dishes although you can actually get a snatch of the whole world there.

The "Lorenz" and its owner
Persian tea anyone?
I love those pink chairs!
By the way: that water in the glass is no regular water but water mixed with orange blossoms. Yummy!
When I ate there the last time I had tajine with chicken, couscous and salad. The pomegranate was delicious with the meat and the salad was dressed with plum dressing. Plus I tried kosher Prosecco for the first time.
Needless to say that it simply tasted great...

In the shop you can get wine, rice, jam, chutneys,...and even vegan chocolates.

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