Freitag, 15. November 2013

Winterly White Blossom

Hey there,

do you know that feeling when you look at some older clothes and you kind of don't like to wear them anymore so often but you don't want to give them away either because they are still perfectly fine and cosy as well? I had this feelling with one of my black winter pullovers, so I decided to pimp it up a little. As winter draws nearer and the days get colder I thought it would fit to give it a little winterly touch with this white ice flower-like appliqué.

 What you'll need:
  • white lace
  • scissors
  • needle and white thread

How it works:

Start by cutting out eight 5x19cm and four 5x15cm sized stripes of lace. 

Fold the stripes into half, loop them and fix them by hand with some small stitches.

Now you can form the flower. First arrange the larger loops and fix everything in the middle of the blossom, then the smaller loops. Pull the loops apart so that they get more volume. 

For the middle of the blossom form a small rose out of a little piece of lace and apply it in the center of the flower.

Now apply the flower with some small stitches on your sweater. Done! :)

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