Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

You received mail!

Hello you lovely people,

I got a new hobby!! :)
As some of you might already have noticed, I am kind of "retro-oriented" in some respects. For example I love the fashion of the 1920s to 1950s (oh so elegant!), I really like old movies and sometimes I even host colour-themed dinner parties where I oblige my friends to turn up in retro clothes. :D

Another (now old-fashioned) thing I really like is writing and receiving postcards. It's just a beloved tradition of mine, when I'm on vacation, to search for the perfect postcard for somebody and then to sit on the beach or on a nice square and take the time to write a few sentences. There is nothing I like less than receiving a stupid vacation SMS (although those are probably outdated already too?) from somebody, telling you how awesome the beach is and how great the food tastes, and you know that 10 other persons received the same message. Unfortunately fewer and fewer people seem to share my opinion on this topic, which made me fear to receive no postcards at all in the nearer future.

BUT, ladies and gentlemen, I have found the solution for my problem: Postcrossing. Do some of you already know that? For those of you who don't: it's an online service where people from all over the world can send each other postcards. I thought that some of you might like the idea as well, so I decided to share it here on the blog.

The concept is pretty easy:
  • First you have to register and create your profile (this is mine for example).
  • Before you can receive any postcards you have to write one. Go to "Send a postcard" to do so.
  • Now you'll receive a person's address plus a registration code.
  • Write you postcard and don't forget to write your registration code on the card as well. 
  • Send the postcard. As soon as the person receives your card he/she will register it and be able to view your profile.
  • Somebody else will get your address and send you a postcard.
I already got postcards from China, USA, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Russia etc. and always get excited like a little child when I find a new postcard in my mailbox.

I hope some of you join in... :)

Have a great day,

All images by Steffi Reichl

2 Kommentare:

  1. "back to the roots" könnt man fast sagen,
    welch Rarität es geworden ist, Postkarten zu sammeln geschweige denn
    zu schreiben. Ich finde deinen Beitrag echt inspirierend echt mal
    wieder auf Postkarten zurück zu kommen.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Teena ♥

    1. Hey Teena!

      Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar! Ich freu mich riesig, wenn ich ab und an wen dazu bringen, mit mir auf den Train to Retro aufzuspringen... :) Und Postkarten finde ich einfach echt super - vor allem wenn man merkt, dass sich der Absender/die Absenderin bei der Auswahl der Karte Gedanken gemacht hat... :)

      Schönen Abend wünsch ich dir!


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