Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Bloody Spooky Fancy Dress Halloween is coming!

Hi folks,

those of you who know me are aware of my HUGE love for Halloween :)
Since three years I am celebreting Halloween every year with a couple of friends in the club house of my village. Today I would like to share two costume ideas and some Halloween decoration impressions with you.

Last year I went as Poison Ivy from Batman. For this costume you'll need:
  • long red wig
  • green tights and a green long-sleeved top
  • fake ivy leaves (green and red)
  • wide belt (glue two ivy leaves on it)
  • green plastic gloves (paint red fingernails on them)
  • funky fake lashes (and here you find an awesome poison ivy make-up tutorial)
  • optional: I was waring a dress with a green pattern on it over my top

Two years ago there was a big hype about the Black Swan costume. Here's my version of it :) For this costume you will need:
  • black corsage
  • black tutu or wide mini-skirt
  • black feathers (glue them on the tutu/skirt)
  • (fake) diadem
  • opional: red contace lenses
  • and here's a great "Black Swan" make-up tutorial by Michelle Phan.
My favourite Halloween decorations are - of course - Jack-O'Lanterns, graveyard lights, fake spider webs and creepy black&white pictures of people from the 19th century ;-) 

I hope you get some inspiration for a cool Halloween-decor with my pics.
 Sick pumpkin ;)

Creepy family tree: I have just printed out old pictures from the 19th century that I found in goggle pictures.

 Funny ideay for the dance floor: crime scene! I just used white gaffa tape for it.

 Graveyard Halloween cake!!

I made an electric chair out of an old commode, some pieces of wire, two old leather belts and gaffa tape. I used a broom, a salad bowle and the framework of an old lamp for the "head-part" of the chair. People made some veeery funny pictures with that electric chair on the party! ;-)

Happy Halloween everybody and don't forget: EAT. DRINK. AND BE SCARY!

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  1. ...das sagt grad die Kräuterhexe! ;-) Mach doch noch schnell einen Blog-Eintrag zu deinem Halloween-Kürbis-Strudel und wir featuren den dann hier ;-)


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