Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Colourful Easter Eggs

Hello everybody,

it's still Easter week and therefore I'll bring you another little Easter DIY project: colourful Easter eggs.
To be completely honest with you, this project didn't turn out as originally planned... When I started with the eggs I realised that I hadn't bought self-adhesive crepe tape but only crepe tape and about five minutes later I found out that the colour I had bought didn't cover as well as I had hoped... Damn! But then I decided to simply improvise and I think the result is quite respectable, therefore I chose to share the Easter eggs anyways. I hope you like them as well! :)

What you'll need
  • blown-out eggs
  • acrylic paint in pastel shades
  • paintbrush
  • gift ribbon (ca. 20 cm/egg)
  • self-adhesive crepe tape
  • matches
How it works

The basic idea behind this Easter eggs is to colour just parts of the so that you can still see the natural colour of the eggs. For my first Easter egg I decided to colour half of the egg, therefore I fixed the crepe tape in the middle of the egg.

Then I painted the egg.

As already mentioned I found out really soon that the paint didn't really cover the egg as I wanted. Therefore I decided to give the colour a little structure by making very short strokes with my paintbrush in a regular pattern.

After the colour had dried I fixed the ribbon to the egg. To do so I attached the ribbon to a match by making a knot. Then I inserted the match into the egg.
When you pull the ribbon a little bit the match turns around and with that fix the ribbon. 

As you can see above, for my second egg I chose to colour only the lower part it and for my third egg I decided to leave a stripe in the middle.

Done! :)

All images by Stefanie Reichl

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