Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Weekend-trip to Graz

Hey folks,

I spent a rainy but super nice weekend with friends in Graz!
We went to the "assembly design festival" and saw a stunning mix of fashion, design, art and architecture.
Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but I have this nice composition of green and pink colours from the Joanneumsviertel in Graz, where the festival took place, for you ;)
Maybe you have heard of river surfing before? At the Mur river in Graz surfers find an awesome standing wave to show off their skills. Find out more about it on
After so much "sports" we got hungry and checked out "Le Schnurrbart", a nice little restaurant at the foot of the "Schlossberg" castle hill in Graz. They serve crêpes and galettes (the savoury modification of crêpes) only and it totally pleased me that their dough is vegan! I chose "EL BARTO" with a delicious baby spinach-mushrooms-cherry tomatoe filling and had a crêpe with chestnut cream as dessert :)
Right next to the restaurant we found a tiny art market and spontanously bought some art :)
If you wish a stunning few over Graz, I can recommend the skybar on the famous shopping heaven Kastner&Öhler, called "Freiblick".

Isn't this house front adorable?
I love my new pair of leopard sneakers ;)
Inside Kastner&Öhler you can buy everything a shopper's heart desires: cool fashion, expensive jewellery, home accessories, high fashion, handbags and even kitchen supplies.
I love the colourful, ornated house fronts in the city of Graz - everytime I'm there, I discover new ones!

Lots of love,

All images by Katja Borlein

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