Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Pimp Up Your Espadrilles

Hello everybody,

okay, I'll have to admit that I'm really proud of these black and gold babies. :) I simply think that the triangles give the espadrilles a very cool, and because they are gold, also very chic look. Besides, I love black and I love gold, so for me that's the perfect match.

What you'll need
  • black espadrilles (I got mine from H&M)
  • gold paint pen for dark fabrics
  • triangle
  • pencil
  • transparent and normal paper 
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • pin

How it works

I started by stuffing my shoes with old newsprint. This way the espadrilles will keep their form when you paint the triangles on them.

For a start cover the toecap of one of the espadrilles with transparent paper and trace the outlinings of the toecap. Then cut it out and transfer it to a normal white sheet of paper. Now draw the triangles onto the shoecap. Either freehand or (what I preferred) with the help of straight lines and a triangle (I wanted a regular pattern on both shoes :) ).

Now cut out the triangles using a box cutter.

Cut out the paper toecap adding an extra cm to the actual contoures and pin it onto one of your espadrilles. Then colour the triangles with your gold pen (I did two layers of paint). Repeat that process with your other shoe.

Done! :)

Have a wonderful (and maybe crafty) weekend!


PS: I also added this post to Karly's and Paige's link up party on Paige's lovely blog "a dose of paige". :)

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    1. Hey Paige! Thank you very much for the compliment and thank you for the cool link up party on your blog! :)


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