Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Oscar night party ideas

Hey to the cineasts out there ;)

only 4 days left to the acadamy awards!! Steffi (Tulip) and me are going to watch the oscar night in a cinema in Vienna! I'll have to drink looots of coffee that evening because the screening will start(!) at 2 a.m. ;) I'm really looking forward to it - there will be a bet where everyone can guess which movie or actor will win and everyone who wears an evening dress will get a free glass of champagne :)

If you are thinking about hosting your own Oscar night party, here are some really cute ideas that I found on Pinterest!

You should welcome your guests duly - with a red carpet and their own walk of fame! I think this is super easy to make and will look great! Source

 How cute are those little popcorn bags? Here is the source.

 This would be so much photobooth fun on an oscars party! You can buy those props here.

This is one of my favourites and I will definately print it and take it with me to the oscar night screening: a bingo game for the red carpet show. Loving it :) Source

So, maybe you are thinking about joining (or hosting?) an oscar party night now ;-))

Lots of love,
Katja aka Lilly

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