Sonntag, 23. März 2014


Hi folks,

I hope all of you enjoy such a cosy Sunday as I do! :)

Yesterday I stumbled across a blog post about the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge and fell in love with the concept immediately. All details can be found here but the basic idea is to document things that make you happy for 100 days in a row and then share them on a social platform of your choice. These things can be everything - starting from your favourite dish to the concert of a cool band.

I really like the idea of #100HAPPYDAYS, as I believe that many people (including myself) often tend to lay a much stronger emphasis on unpleasant occurences than on all the little (or big ;) ) things that make life beautiful.

Therefore I wanted to invite you to join in with me on Instagram! I'll use the official #100happydays and #100daysofhappiness. I even submitted my first photo already... :)

Have a wonderful day!


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